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Dunshee House envisions individuals in communities connected by the shared values of health and well being, personal development, and compassionate support of one another.  Our dedication to the realization of this vision involves the building of coalitions with community organizations, groups, and individuals who share both these values and also our commitment to provide individual support and community building opportunities for Queer/LGBTQ folks and for people affected by HIV/AIDS.  On this page, you’ll get some more information on our current coalition work.  For more information on working with Dunshee House, please contact our Programming Manager today. 

For more detailed information on the missions, services, and purpose of those organizations and entities listed below, please contact them directly.

Dyke Action

The Queerfest Collective started with “Queerfest BBQ 2002”, a social event for queer grassroots activists and non-profits co-sponsored by Dyke Action and Dunshee House.  Now we often get together to plan seasonal events!  Join us in creating a community of activist who support, challenge, and sustain each other.  Call Jamie at Dunshee House to get involved!

Hep C Education Project

Northwest Network of BTLG Survivors of Abuse

Dunshee House joins the Northwest Network in planning, leading, and continually re-inventing its “Relationships Skills Class”.  This class is a six-week course exploring the skills we need to build the relationships we want.  During the class, we explore the following topics:  identifying cultural norms & values, accountability, expectations & negotiations, naming & setting boundaries, strengthening support networks, and more!  The “Relationships Skills Class” is open to bisexual people and their friends & loved ones; trans people and their friends & loved ones; and all other LGBTQ people.  This class is offered approximately three to four times yearly.  For more information, please contact the Northwest Network directly by calling or e-mailing .

Verbena (f.k.a. Seattle Lesbian Cancer Project & Sappho's)

In the fall 2002, Dunshee House and Verbena further strengthened a long-standing relationship by working together on Seattle’s first-ever Queer Women’s Symposium.  With help from the Pride Foundation and the Seattle LGBT Community Center, we planned, organized, and implemented this successful event. In the words of the event brochure…

“Queer women bring specific life experiences, preferences, and biases to the table called ‘community’. While some people may use those differences as barometers of otherness, the Queer Women’s Symposium hopes to use them as opportunities for self-exploration and personal growth. In other words, have an open mind. Take some risk. Try a new position. Shed a little assumption. By creating sincere community dialogue around topics that matter, the lives of queer women will be enriched and the queer community strengthened.”

In 2003 and 2004, Dunshee House and Verbena collaborated on the second and third annual Symposiums, now titled, Queer W.H.A.T.:  Wellness, Health, Activism, and Transformation.  This annual Symposium focuses on the needs, issues, and themes of the lives of queer, lesbian, and bisexual women and also transfolks.

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